17 Ways To Stay Social While Social Distancing

While every industry and every person in the world has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become one of the most popular terms in our vocabulary. As humans, we are drawn to face-to-face interaction but with our current situation, that isn’t safe or possible. Here at Homeway Real Estate, we want to help you get through this mentally and emotionally healthy as we all wait for the days that we can be together again. But how can we stay social while practicing social distancing?

1. Use Technology to Stay Connected

Thanks to the wonders of modern tech, we are now able to stay connected no matter how many miles are between us. Take some time every day or so to video chat with friends and family members that you can’t be around right now. If video chat isn’t your thing, use text messaging and old-fashioned phone calls to stay connected.

2. Exercise Buddies Should Remain Buddies

While you're using video chat to keep in touch with families, don’t let your physical fitness suffer. Set up home workouts, and video “chat” with your workout buddy. It will keep you both motivated.

3. Connect with Neighbors

While you can’t go to each other’s homes, set up dinner at the end of your driveway and talk to the neighbors doing the same. This will allow you to connect without being too close.

4. Join a Message Board

Find something you’re passionate about and join an online community that discusses that topic. While this may not be people you know, it will still provide some sort of community. Facebook Groups are a great place to start finding these free groups!

5. Engage with Your Kids

Whether you have your own children or are raising nieces and nephews, take some time to really connect with them. Plan a family game night and spend time learning what matters to them.

6. Use a Virtual Hangout

Websites like Zoom, Google Hangout, and others allow you to video chat with large numbers of other people. Use this method to celebrate birthdays and other milestones with friends and colleagues. 

7. Learn a New Skill

Maybe you bought a guitar years ago but never got around to learning how to play, or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to cook. Pull up a YouTube video and begin self-educating on your new hobby.

8. Remote Volunteerism

Spend the hours that you have free to drive traffic to social media pages of charitable causes. While you may not be able to volunteer in person, you can contribute from home.

9. Write a Letter

While many of us have relied on e-mails for most, if not all, of our adult lives, there is something special about sitting down and writing a letter by hand. Reach out to someone by sending them something personal. 

10. Re-establish Old Connections

Go through your social media and find someone you used to be close to and haven’t “had time” to keep up with. Reach out to them. They’re probably looking for human interaction, as well.

11. Join a Book Club

You probably have plenty of time to read, so now’s a good time to start. Join a book club that offers web-based discussion of their book of the month. You may even make some new friends.

12. Walk Your Dog

If you don’t have a dog, simply go out and walk around the neighborhood. If your neighbors are outside, stay six feet away from them but have a brief, and safe, conversation. 

13. Plant a Garden

Get with your family and plant a garden in your yard. If you don’t have a ton of space, use window planters. Gardening has been shown to decrease anxiety and it will create a fun family project.

14. Competition Connection

Most modern video game consoles offer on-line gaming. If you can’t be with your friends in person, set up a time to meet up online and compete against one another.

15. Continue to Work with Others

You’re probably having to work from home right now which can make you feel isolated. Try to set up periodic times during the week to connect virtually with your co-workers to discuss work or even make small talk.

16. Put the Phones Down

While many of these tips have revolved around utilizing technology, don’t be afraid to unplug for a while. Spend some time with the people in your home and connect without distractions.

17. Create Some Normalcy

Whether you have to do it in your own home or virtually, set aside a certain time every day or every week to connect. If people you love and care for are free every Tuesday at 6, make it a standing appointment to talk. It will give you both something to look forward to.

Your friends at Homeway Real Estate are fully aware of the toll this pandemic is taking on our community. While things are certainly not normal right now, there are things we can do to help one another get through this together.

You can also reach out to our team if you need help selling or buying a home.

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