20 Things We Can't Wait To Do Again in Lehigh Valley

All of us are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 virus in some way. Whether you’re suffering economic setbacks, worrying about family members who live around the world, or trying to deal with the new concept of social distancing, we are dealing with unprecedented circumstances. Homeway Real Estate loves our community and there are some things we can’t wait to do again here in Lehigh Valley.

1. Visit SteelStacks

No matter what sort of event it is, we’re ready to get back to the 10-acre campus of SteelStacks. More than ever, we need to enjoy a family event with our friends and neighbors. 

2. The American Pass Time

Baseball season has been put on hold due to the pandemic, but we’re more than ready to get back out there to cheer on the Iron Pigs at Coca Cola Park. Nothing says summertime like a ballpark hot dog and nine innings of baseball.

3. Allentown Farmers Market

While we’re all taking minimal trips to the grocery store, we’re ready to get back to hand-cut meats and baked goods that make the farmers market the special place that it is.

4. Fish Hatchery

The Allentown Fish Hatchery gives us a chance to get some good seafood and take a nice walk up the creek. A day with friends and family feeding the trout is something we’re incredibly excited about.

5. Hoover Mason Trestle

While we’ve all heard the stories of the steel factories that made our town what it is, the chance to go get up close to these structures will put us back in touch with our roots.

6. Klein Farms

The only thing better than getting to see the livestock out at Klein Farms is the chance to eat the farm-fresh ice cream. 

7. National Museum of Industrial History

While we’re going to enjoy the Hoover Mason Trestle again as soon as we can, Homeway Real Estate is also really excited about going on one of the informational tours of the Museum of Industrial History.

8. PPL Center

We miss hockey just as much as we miss baseball, so we’re really looking forward to a sports weekend. The chance to cheer on our Phantoms is something we’re really missing right now.

9. Allentown Rose Gardens

The chance to go out and take some nice family pictures and enjoy a nice walk is something we’re sorely missing. We’re so excited about the chance to get out and go for a nice walk, we’ll probably go ahead and use the trails that connect to Cedar Beach Park.

10. America on Wheels Museum

Looking at our own cars in the garage has quickly grown tiresome. We’re excited about the chance to go check out the evolution of the modern vehicle.

11. Dutch Springs Aqua Park

We can’t decide if we’re going to hit the trampoline park, the zip lines or the obstacle course first, but a day at Dutch Springs is definitely in the works. 

12. Merchants Square Model Train Exhibit

With over 18,000 feet of track and 40 model trains, you can spend an entire day at Merchants Square Model Train Exhibit. We’re certainly going to.

13. Mack Trucks Historical Museum

After we check out the vehicles in America on Wheels Museum, we’re going to go look at the big rigs at the Mack Trucks museum.

14. Dorney Park and the Wildwater Kingdom

With more than 100 rides in the park and a waterpark option, Dorney Park is one of our list of things we can’t wait to do. 

15. Da Vinci Science Center

The interactive exhibits at the Da Vinci Science Center make this a great day for the entire family. 

16. Liberty Bell Museum

One of the icons of Pennsylvania, the Liberty Bell has become a piece of American History. The chance to enjoy it right here in Lehigh Valley is something we can’t pass up.

17. Gallows Hill Spirits

After staying at home with the children for so long, the adults need the chance to go out and enjoy an evening of their own. Gallows Hill is a great place for that.

18. Easton Farmers Market

The #1 Peoples’ Choice for Farmers Markets is right here in Lehigh Valley. We can’t wait to get back to Easton.

19. Sands Bethlehem Event Center

Whether it’s a concert or a comedy show, we’re ready to get back to being entertained outside of our own home. 

20. Christkindlmarkt

Glass blowing and gift shopping are just two of the options you can enjoy at Christkindlmarkt. 

There is plenty to do right here in our city, and we can’t wait to get back to being active in the town that we love.

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