5 Ways to Support Lehigh Valley's Local Businesses in Today's Economy

In today's economy, it is important that citizens in Lehigh Valley come together to help show support to local businesses that are struggling. Showing support means sticking by their side and still contributing to their business as a customer. By using their curbside pickup, purchasing gift cards, using online services, and making donations, you can easily help them get through these difficult times when their finances have greatly decreased. By having a few valuable and loyal customers on their side, they may make it through the struggling economy while keeping their business alive.

Curbside Pickup

Homeway Real Estate wants you to be aware that just because business in the area has closed their doors, it does not mean their services have come to a complete stop. Most businesses are offering curbside pickup to their customers that are still in need of their products. All you have to do is call the store you curious about and see what type of services they are offering during this difficult time so you can keep receiving their products while also contributing to keeping their business alive and well.

Gift Cards

If you have businesses in town that were forced to close their doors, there are still ways you can help them stay afloat. One way, in particular, is to purchase gift cards through their store. Even if they cannot be used right away, they can be given as gifts to your family or set aside in a drawer for when they open their doors again to the public. Just this little act of decency may just help them keep their monthly bills paid without going under.

Online Services

As the economy is struggling, it is important to remember that many businesses in Lehigh Valley are still using online services to send out their products to their customers. By using their website to purchase products, you can help local businesses maintain their monthly income so that all their needs are met and bills are paid during this time.

Tip Extra

Homeway Real Estate and many others in the Lehigh Valley area believe that it is imperative to help local businesses as the economy is struggling. One way to help support businesses that are still using delivery services is to tip them extra when they are delivering items to your home. Even just a few dollars extra with how the economy is today can help businesses keep on their bills in order to maintain their other services while the front doors are closed.


Although many local businesses may be closing their doors right now, it does not mean that they are not still trying to keep their business going. As many places are sticking to curbside pickup and online orders, there has been a decrease in the income for many stores in the area. To help keep businesses going right now, many places will accept donations from their loyal customers. Donations can be sent through the mail, sent online, or even dropped off in their mailbox in front of the store.

Whether you choose to use a local business online account or curbside pickup, the most important thing to remember is that you are staying loyal to them as the economy goes downhill. You can also donate money, tip them extra money, and purchase gift cards to use once their doors open again. Even if it is just a one-time ordeal for a donation or purchase, always be sure to support your local businesses in the area until the economy gets stronger.

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