6 Tips for Packing Before the Big Move

Buying or selling a home in Allentown, PA, can be a tedious process. But then there’s contending with the move that can bring additional pressure. If you have a move in your future, we’ll provide the tips for packing and moving to help streamline your process and timeline. 

1. Take an Inventory and Identify Packing Supplies Needed

Check how many boxes you have available or access to, along with any packing materials needed for fragile items. You can use bath towels and blankets to help protect your things during transit, too. Laundry baskets make great hauling vessels, especially for clothes and things that won’t need to be protectively wrapped. Don’t forget to see what you might need in terms of carrying straps, a dolly, or a ramp for hauling and moving your heavier items. 

2. One Room at a Time

Stay organized by moving room to room with your packing efforts. Do your best to keep like items packed up together, making it easier to find things once you’ve arrived in your new home. As you fill your boxes, try not to fill them to the brim, making them too heavy to shuffle. And be sure to label each tote or box as you go, with general contents and the room it came from, so you won’t forget what’s inside.

3. Separate Must-Haves and Essentials in One Convenient Box

Don’t get carried away and accidentally pack up things you might need right away in your new home. One of the best tips for packing up a house is to create one box of absolute must-haves. This list might include a handful of useful tools like a hammer, a screwdriver, or a drill. But it also might have your essential toiletries, toilet paper, a change of clothes, and a few sets of plasticware. Keep any important paperwork in this box for quick and easy access, along with medications, snacks, phone chargers, and first-aid.

4. Pack up What You Don’t Need First

You can itemize your packing to-do list by addressing those things you know you won’t need now or right away in your new home. Holiday decors, off-season clothing, and area rugs can all be packed away, ready to transport. Break down any unused furniture, including spare bedroom beds or collapsible shelving units. Spend time carefully wrapping and packing up picture frames and fragile knick-knacks, as well. In your kitchen, you get a head start by packing up dry goods, ingredients, and small appliances you don’t plan to need over the next few weeks, too.

5. Keeping the Electronics Organized

Make clever use of zipping storage bags to ensure all the cords and chargers stay with their intended devices. Use tape to label what connecting cables go where. And if you’re not incredibly confident in your ability to hook up televisions, computers, or other electronic items in your new home, take a picture of the existing hookups before you unplug things. Labeling them in place and having the visual reference will ensure you’re able to get everything dialed in for use in your new home.

6. Tips for Packing the Outdoor Items

Don’t forget to head to the garage or storage shed to get packed up there, too. Lawn or patio furniture, gardening tools, and hoses will all need to go with you to your new home. Take special care of grilles and propane transportation. And be mindful of transporting any paint, lawn chemicals, or fertilizers, which can be hazardous if not properly secured.

Take advantage of some of these tips for packing and moving. Hopefully, they can take some of the pressure off in terms of getting started. And if you’re looking for help buying or selling your Allentown, PA home, let the professionals at Homeway Real Estate help!

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