8 Questions to Ask An Agent Before You Hire Them

When you're getting ready to sell your home, be sure to do your research before hiring an agent. Many people believe that most agents are the same and yet the results and the National Association of Realtors soundly say no.

Asking the questions below will bring light as to whether or not a real estate agent is right for you. Did you know that 80% of agents leave the business between their 11th month and 5th year and the average agent sells just 6-9 houses a year based off of stats from NAR? The questions below may help you eliminate a potential challenge.

1. How many houses have you sold in my town in the last 10 years? 

Why 10 years? Because it proves longevity and takes into account the challenging market of 2009-2011 instead of just talking about the strong market of the last 5 years

2. What is the percentage of the last listing price you obtained for your listings sold in the last 10 years?

Why is this important? Because just selling the house isn't the goal, selling it for TOP DOLLAR is what our clients care about

3. What is the average days on the market from the last listing date over the last 10 years?

4. Describe the difference between active and passive marketing

Many agents' marketing falls into a passive approach such as relying on MLS, open house, or just putting the house on internet sites with thousands of other homes. They also don't identify the potential purchaser or have a system in place for immediate response to the potential purchaser. 

 5. Do you have an ISA department? (Inside Sales Department)

Why?  Because studies show that up to 50% of potential purchasers responding to your home's advertising get ZERO RESPONSE. Today’s potential purchaser for your home demands instant response and the role of the I.S.A. is just that to get back to the purchaser’s questions about your home while they are still looking at your home online emotionally “charged up”.

Because we don't know who the real buyer is, we treat all incoming inquiries as if they are the REAL BUYER because one or two are!

6. What are your thoughts about utilizing social media to market my house?

99% of agents will tell you they will market your house on social media, but they won't know how to identify your buyer through ads and strategy. There are up to a BILLION people on social media daily! So much more that I will go over with you on this it’s the biggest marketing home run I have seen in my 32 years of marketing houses!

7. What is the structure of your team?

Too big of a team and it can be like dealing with a huge health insurance or mortgage company, the owner has lost connection with the process and the layers of people can cause big challenges!  The right size team with ownership still involved in your day to day transaction is critical. The Tosello Team has had sellers come back to us to sell as many as 10 houses! 

8. How many houses does your company sell in my town?


If you'll take the time to ask these questions, you will dramatically improve your chances for a successful move!

Now you know how to find a great agent, if you need help know how to show your home or how to add value to your home, read our other articles!.

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