Why You Need a top realtor in the Lehigh Valley

Whether you've just started looking or you've been scouring online listings for weeks or months, if you're looking to buy in Lehigh Valley, you need a Lehigh Valley buyer's agent. Unless you have nothing else on your plate and you don't mind a bit of healthy competition with other home buyers and their agents in the area, home buying today isn't like the home buying of yesterday -- the process can actually be a very stressful one, especially if it's your first home purchase or you're looking at homes in a new area

With a real estate pro by your side, all those confusing elements of buying a home melt away as your agent tackles the difficult part of finding you a home that fits all of your criteria. A Lehigh Valley buyer's agent will also help you navigate the confusing world of real estate all the way through closing, saving you both time and money. Oh, and did we mention that it'll cost you nothing?

Benefits of a Lehigh Valley Buyer's Agent

From helping you find the right property to negotiating the final offer, a buyer's agent is your representative when it comes to buying a new home. After soliciting your input on the type of home you'd like and your budget, your buyer's agent will help narrow down the dozens or hundreds of options into a more manageable few, so you can conduct tours of homes that fit the bill, instead of wasting time visiting properties that may only be marginal contenders.

Once the right home has been identified, your Lehigh Valley buyer's agent will help you negotiate a price and draw up the contracts when an agreement is reached. Unlike individuals that may only buy a few homes in their lifetimes, buyer's agents help clients buy homes hundreds of times during a successful career, and they've seen and done it all before. They know how to navigate the challenges of the market, and they might even be able to steer you away from a bad investment by utilizing their network of appraisers and other professionals that have also been there and done that.

Even if there's a setback, a Lehigh Valley buyer's agent will ensure that you're always moving forward, inching your way closer to owning your own home. If something new comes to light during an appraisal or inspection, they may even be able to negotiate a lower price, saving you even more money on homes for sale in Lehigh Valley, PA. 

Whether you're looking for Lehigh Valley homes online or in person, a buyer's agent can help make the whole process -- from the initial search all the way through closing -- a lot easier, and they'll likely be able to represent your interests better than you can due to their familiarity with the home buying process.

Finding a Buyer's Agent

While it might look easy, finding the right Lehigh Valley buyer's agent can be tricky. Ideally, you'd like to find one that's familiar with the Lehigh Valley area, and either lives in or have sold many homes locally. 

Your buyer's agent should also be someone you get along with. You could be spending many days and weekends with them in the near future -- either in person or on the phone -- and they'll be making decisions on your behalf whether you're there or not, so it's important to get an agent that you get on with. Experience is also a big factor, and you'll want to work with someone that has a proven track record and years of experience selling and buying homes in your desired area.

Once you find an agent, you'll sign what's called an agent/buyer contract, or the exclusive buyer agency agreement. Basically, it outlines that this one particular Lehigh Valley buyer's agent is your one and only agent for buying a home, and once you sign this agreement, you won't be able to work with other agents, so be careful to make the right decision.

That said, a buyer's agent actually costs the buyer nothing. Both their fee and the fees of the seller's agent are paid out of the final sale price, which becomes the responsibility of the seller once the home is sold. That could save you a cool $10k or more depending on the home's final sales price.


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